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"Because of God's Great Mercy" Stewardship Kit

"Because of God's Great Mercy" Stewardship Kit

“Because of God’s Great Mercy” is an annual stewardship program that encourages you to tell the story of your congregation’s mission and invite the financial support of your members and friends. The program is grounded in scripture, and has a simple way of encouraging people to increase their giving by ½ of 1% of their household income. 

“Because of God’s Great Mercy” includes everything you will need for your stewardship program – newsletter article, letters, emails, bulletin inserts, scripts for talks in worship, commitment card and follow up letter. It also includes a calendar for the program and detailed instructions. When you purchase “Because of God’s Great Mercy” you will receive all the materials in two zip files, one which has all the material in .pdf format, and the other which has all the material in Word documents. The .pdf version allows you to simply reproduce the materials for distribution. The Word version allows you to customize the materials with your congregation’s unique information.

By purchasing this program, you agree that you are using it in your congregation only.  You will have only two opportunities to download the program, so be certain to save it in a location in which you will be able to find it.

$ 20.00