Reflections on Faith & Finances

Reflections on Faith & Finances

Reflections on Faith and Finances provides you and your congregation with the opportunity to ground stewardship in the biblical message and have conversation about how the biblical message intersects with life today. Especially designed for group use, Reflections on Faith and Finances will change how you think about your life with money. It will also increase your understanding of faith and finances in your daily life.


"The best way to improve your church’s financial situation is to grow financially faithful stewards. In this study guide, Charles Lane takes concepts from his classic stewardship book Ask, Thank, Tell and provides a new resource for personal and group study. Lane skillfully connects timeless biblical truths with the challenges and opportunities encountered by today’s North American Christians. Get ready to be inspired, encouraged, and energized to move forward in this important aspect of Christian stewardship."

Marcia Shetler, Executive Director/CEO, Ecumenical Stewardship Center


“It all belongs to God.” From this starting premise, Charles Lane helpfully highlights what the Bible has to say about faith, finances, and the steward. This short, timely, tangible, and accessible book is my new go-to starting place for congregations looking to grow deeper as stewards."

Deacon Timothy Siburg, Director for Stewardship, Nebraska Synod ELCA

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